How We Hire The Right Talent

Get the right people for every start-up, every company is vital. We need people to get on track easily, communicate well and deliver.

We think that people is the heart of every product, if the developers are all-in with the product idea, they automatically will deliver better, they will start communicating in a good way, all the process will go smoothly.

That’s why we take this process seriously, and we try to find the right talent for given position. We go under the words: “Right talent, right experience and right technology”. We don’t take from granted on the “Right talent and experience“, we improve and invest in hiring process whenever needed.

We have been evolving our hire process during those years, it’s impossible to say we were doing great since the beginning. It’s simply not true. We had some bad experiences getting talent, people that just didn’t fit in company culture, or project demands. But we learned, and now It’s my job to share some of our “must” tools when do the hiring process.

Create a self-explanatory job description.

Every good process starts from a good sediments, that’s why it’s important to make the job position clear, be good with the words on what your company or product needs.

It’s important to mention not only the technologies requested, or years of experience. That doesn’t work anymore. Be clear on the challenges that position will have, what the person have to do and what will be some tasks to deliver in the near future. Make clear the expectations and what you are requesting for the person.

Talk about the team that is currently developing the product. It’s always important to people start getting close to their future teammates.

It’s important to always put the cards on the table, notice to the candidate the benefits but also the budget the project has. You don’t want to spend a whole hiring process with people that at the end will reject the offer because the payment is not enough or they don’t like the benefits.

Request cover letter.

This is getting more and more popular these days. And we take it! Why? It’s simply, the resumés doesn’t work anymore. Yes, they give us some guidance, but they are not to personal, a cover letter will demand the candidate to start writing a letter directed to the company, presenting himself and why he/she is the best fit for the project.

In 4Geeks we have teams working remotely and in the office, we go with both approaches by the way, we have to make sure people can communicate in written mode perfectly, and from our point of view, a cover letter is the way to go.

Send a real life test.

Fixed test for a given technology doesn’t work. I don’t want to test people’s ability with a basic CRUD done in RAILS. I want the person to write some real code, create a module that solves a real situation problem.

I will explain a little bit with an example: We have a product called Mall4G (It’s an e-commerce platform in LATAM) and we need to expand the team. I was looking for REACT developers, instead of sending them a test just to test their REACT abilities, I was more interesting on see the problem solving, so, the test was basically create a checkout view, with all card information and make it in single page and doing some validations.

The result, I got different solutions, for a problem, we may face in the real project.

Interview the candidate, but with the right people.

Yes, you have to interview the candidate, get a 1on1, meet the real person, live or in video call. It doesn’t really matter. The importance here is to get the right person or team to interview.

It could be their future team mates, it could be you, it could be a hiring specialist, just make sure the interviewer is the right person, He/She knows all about the project, the requirements, but more important the soft skills needed for that position.

Invite the candidate to meet the team (if possible).

I like to to this when we have the time to fill out a position. We select the best three candidates, and invite them to work for the project a week or a day (payed obviously). That way, you can reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person, you can see the candidate in action, interacting with your team and with their team mates. It just works for everybody.

It’s doesn’t happen all the time, due, candidate impediments or project urgencies. But if you have the time, it worth the wait.

Hiring the right people is a long term process, but we put our effort on improving it and make the smartest decisions for all of our clients. There are thousand of ways to do this process, we go with that one, and it have worked for us and our partners. They love their teams I can assure that.

Meet María Rosales

Marí José is our community manager, she takes care of having our social media activity, but more importantly with quality content. She is from the most south part of San Jose. She really loves what she is doing and help the team by creating activities where we can all be involved, which is really nice actually.

If you see some content or watch our lives streaming transmissions, well, Maria Jose is behind that 🙂

How will you describe yourself?

Honest, responsible, creative, cooperative, good sense of humor, I like to learn from others, work in groups.

What do you do in your free time?

Watch Netflix, read some news, spend time with the fam, meet new places, I love to sleep a LOT, so the most part of the time I prefer to sleep.

Best series you have ever watched?

  1. La Casa de Papel
  2. Jane The Virgin
  3. The Sinner.

Mountain or Beach ?

I prefer the beach, for me, the beach is the happiest place to stay, I love watching the sunsets, hear the waves. With these simple things, I feel so alive, so grateful. But sometimes I prefer the mountain, the calm when you stay it is great.

Do you do sports (adventure, extreme, endurance)?

No, I don’t like so much to do sports. 🙁

Which type of music do you like?

Pop music, reggaeton, urban and sometimes I like to hear Vallenatos, salsa and “baladas”.

What are your top 5 books of all the time?

  1. Diario de Ana Frank
  2. Siddhartha
  3. Cien años de Soledad
  4. Noticia de un Secuestro
  5. I love all the Elvira Sastre books.

What are your top 5 movies of all the time ?

I love all the Marvel movies, and I’m a real fan of Disney movies. So Marvel movies I love the Avengers Saga, and Disney movies, Beauty and Beast, Cinderella, and Sleepy Beauty.

What is the most exciting part of being a community manager?

Interact with the people and create all the content that will be displayed for too many people.

Which is the best part of being part of 4Geeks team?

I think the best part is the diary learning.

What are your goals for this year?

Do my best work here, learn more about marketing digital and finish my degree in Communication and Marketing.

Whenever you need help on how to start making ideas into reality through technology, 4Geeks team is up and ready, just reach out to us at

Open office vs cubicles

Personally, I’m pro-focus, I like to avoid distractions so I can complete my tasks in a better way, with my music and under my own pace. I prefer to avoid distractions, I tend to lost focus quickly. At 4geeks we have been working with both of them, cubicles and open office (this one our current).

There are opinions, and a lot, about what is better. I think there is no science that can predict that. it depends totally on the team and company culture. It depends on people way to work, and deal with distractions.


This is where most people can argue as the best or worse condition of having or not open office. For example, at open office if someone start speaking about their perfect vacation to someone, it turns out that this conversation will actually be for the rest of the team, due the space. So, to avoid those kind of distractions and keep productivity, we can save the topic for lunch, or people that doesn’t want to hear about that can perfectly use their headphones and to listen their favorite music.

What I want to say is that depends on every person to choose if they want to stop momentum or continuing it. It’s difficult, but doable. It’s about team culture. When someone requests a little silence, everyone will put volumen down or continue the conversation in the physical or virtual water-cooler. It’s an small society 🙂


It goes alongside productivity. But distractions are all around us. We do remote work of course, we love work from anywhere sometimes. So, that means, we can be working at the beach (why not), within the beach comes lots of distractions or activities to do, but we should still be able to continue our work and don’t loose the path. Also, if we work from a coffee show or even our home.

If you can really get concentrated in this lousy world, there is no space for us to do that. We are the owner of how we want to get affected. Even though, we are social animals, a little of talk or distractions are really not big deal. We don’t want to burn out ourselves, we need some space to socialize, open offices are excellent for that.

Using cubicles, most people will say distractions are reduced. Not for me. Since you have more privacy, you can perfectly spend time watching that Netflix show you miss last night, am I right ? Well, yes and no. Again, depends in people and how they do their work. You can be at open office or cubicles, that you will haves yes or yes distractions. It depends on how you deal with them.


Open office will reduce the amount of physical space people has, that’s true. But why do you need big space if you are just spending two days maximum at the office ? I love balance, and for me that’s balance. Some day you can have the space you are 100% in control with, other day you are the coffee shop where there is no such control over environment, but at the office is 50%, you can customized your space with what actual you need (headphones, water, computer, any other small thing), besides that why do we need to put all our Lego collection ? There is no reason for that.

With cubicles we can customize a little more our space, to feel more comfortable, more like home. That’s good. But for me this is not essential to do an amazing job.


Cubicles are just excellent to deal with privacy. You can control more your environment and it will create a virtual barrier for people to come over you. It’s better to tell people don’t bother you. It’s easy to be in a cubicle with headphone, so you can ignore easily to someone. In an open office that is more difficult, people will tend to just come to your spot and start talking to you.


This is vital for teams, bounding is essential to deliver amazing work. We know that. We go with virtual and face to face communication. We need to train ourselves to determine how is the best way to contact someone, slack channel may be slower, so we know that we can send a message to someone asking if the person is available for a quick chat. I love that workflow because, it gives you the ability, to handle you time, if you are focus, you can ask talk at your convenience.

So, it doesn’t depend on the office physical space, depends on teams culture and behaviour.


It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, company culture is something that has to go through office boundaries. If the company is not living and exhaling their culture, no matter if you go with open or cubicles, your culture will not impact.

I will say that our culture has been distributed better since we move ourselves to open office.

I tend to prefer open office. I like the interaction we can get with it. How te team can get together easily. Also, it helps us on improving our empathy with others and our collaboration.

t the end it doesn’t really matter what option you company want to go with. It depends on the people on your company culture. This is busy world, it depends on us how we interact with all distractions. If you feel that teams productivity is not optimal, maybe your physical office is not the problem, everything starts on changing small behaviors, and find the right talent.

Meet Josue Fernandez

We have internship programs at the office, with a successful and retention rate of 80%. So that means, most of our interns remains at the company after they finish the internship. Josue is one of them, actually he didn’t finish the internship, He just last a couple of weeks to demonstrate his willing to growth and his abilities.

Josue is from Turrialba, Cartago. Nice place to live, very quite actually, little bit far from the city. In Turrialba many dairy products are produced, in fact, year after year, the famous “Feria del Queso” takes place in that place.

He has high writing skills, actually He has translated some books for a book reading community, very interesting actually, It’s called Blue Phoenix Translations. He has translated two books Hail the king and Swallowed star.

I will stop here and let Josue answer our habitual questions.

How will you describe yourself?

Calm, positive, friendly, adventurous.

What do you do in your free time?

Read mostly, play video games, spend time with my family.

Best series you have ever watched?

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. House MD
  3. How I Met your Mother
  4. Friends
  5. That’s 70’s shows.

Mountain or Beach ?

Mountain, is calmer and I feel I can leave behind all my problems and just enjoy the moment.

Do you do sports (adventure, extreme, endurance) ?

I used to practice archery and baseball. But I like adventure and extreme sports, even though I can’t practice them more often.

Which type of music do you like?

I’m not picky with music, anything is fine.

What are your top 5 books of all the time ?

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Hunger Games
  3. The Maze Runner
  4. Hail the King
  5. Super Gene

Not in that order 🙂

What are your top 5 movies of all the time ?

  1. Inception
  2. Interestellar
  3. Cars
  4. Lord of the Rings saga
  5. Batman Dark Knight Rises

What is the most excited part of being Software Engineer ?

I can create new stuff and put my ideas into something that is useful for someone else.

What is the most challenging situation you had faced in your current position ?

Everything was working fine, and out of nowhere, EVERYTHING fails. So you have to go back and check everything, even when you know that the problem probably is not there.

Which is the best part of being part of 4Geeks team ?

The people. From day 1 you feel like you are one of them, and after that you don’t feel like an stranger, just enjoy you work 🙂

What are your goals for this year?

Loose weight, I guess. Read more books. Learn more about everything..

As you see Josue loves what He is doing. Personally I enjoyed all of Nolan’s Batman saga.

Whenever you need help on how to start making ideas into reality though technology, 4Geeks team is up and ready, just reach out to us at

Improving Team’s Health

We are engineers and designers that spend most of our time sitting in front of our computer. Cool right ? Well yes and no. Spending 8 hours of our life sitting is not a good practice at all. It increases problems with our health. but It’s not only about being sit, it’s about the food we eat.

We are not stoping and checking what we are eating, is it really sustainable to be with that diet ? Drinking coffee ? Consuming tons of sugar ?

Well, at 4Geeks we have stoped and think on that. We are seeing the problems we can face as a company for not being healthy, all of US. We can not have an unhealthy CEO. He has to be 100% for decision making, to lead the company to a better future. And yes it starts from the statement of being healthy, that’s the bottom line for us.

People with an active physical lifestyle and with a good mental health will work their work better, that’s a true fact. The question to this is how can we, as a company, improve it, how can we impulse our people to be in a good shape ? to eat better ?

We have been doing some effort with that. I will like to share with you our movements and the result of them.

Exercise challenges

I remember We started doing push-ups challenges. We do it in monthly basis. People started to feel better, but also most of them never thought they were be able to do 50 push-ups at once. We were doing a minimum physical activity, but, it was gain dues our sedentary past.

We went next to plank. This challenge was really hard since the top of it was to suffer 5 long minutes in plank position. Try it, you will 5 minutes from another perspective, 5 minutes is a long wait.

Everybody started to take consideration about the benefits of doing exercise. We felt better and started to see the changes in our body. Another important note here is that we took 10 minutes from our daily work to do that. So we have to stand, share with our team members, laugh, suffer and then continue working, with a little satisfaction. We avoid sedentarism those days.

Yoga practice

Starting Yoga is a good point to se how your body is. The flexibly of us was not optimal, the minimum stretch for us was painful and difficult. Our muscles were not in a good shape. We kew that, but we just confirmed it.

We disconnected from tech a little bit and started to feel our body and relax after a good day of work.

We got better every week and started to feel better. We were able to do another moves and to keep position. Unfortunately we had to stop this yoga time due conflicts with schedule.  But if you want to add it to your company or to you life it really worth.

Nutrition help

4Geeks pays 50% of a nutritional consult for all of our collaborators. This is the most valuable approach we have done. People are getting better on why eat matters. We are now understanding to take control of our food, not to be controlled by it.

We are trying to do a good effort to change our habits when eating. Again, if people are eating healthy, their brain will work better, that means better decision making, more concentration, more retentive.

We are halfway of the goal. Everyone is doing their best effort.

Our nutrition sessions are like focus groups. We all help to each other to accomplish the goal 🙂

Shared breakfast

It may seem not an approach to help on people’s health, but actually, we in each breakfast someone shares a topic, specially topics to be better, to improve our health specially.

How the habits work. Get rid of stress. Detach from the phone. How motivation works. Those have being some of the topics we have been discussing. It motivates people to re-think how can they get better.

Book Club

Reading for me is where we educate, where we understand things, where our imagination do their job. We started to do book recommendations and everyone at the group had to read it. We found out some really amazing books.

Now, we change it a little bit, everyone reads the book on their convenience on monthly basis, at the end of it, we share our impression. Without spoilers.

We have been creating a nice practice. The habit of reading.

Those are examples of books we had read. We just comment, good and bad thing about the book, everyone at their own peace, and when they have time.

Running team

Alongside with other team members, we decided to register in a running competition. For some of use it was a huge advance, since they were not used to even run. Some of them started to train hard to make the better run they can. It actually, make a good union between the team. Some of them started to train together. This is the start of a sport team, the 4Geeks sport team 🙂

We are thinking on another ways to improve our team’s health. We are happy that we are seeing progress and change in people. As I said we are halfway. Feel free to share another approaches.

Meet Alex M. Luna

We have been growing this couple of months. That means more collaborators, more amazing projects, more meet the team blogs 🙂

Recently Alex joined our team as a QA Expert. He lives in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, yes, a lot of sun and beaches near by his home. I think this is a perfect place to do daily work. Work and relax combination. Alex has shown us in these months the desire he has to learn and lead his team to the desire QA processes. I will stop the introduction to add a little interview we did to him.

How will you describe yourself?

I do like sports and be with friends and family.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to practice surfing and Mountain bike(downhill).

Best series you have ever watched?

  1. The Addams Family.
  2. Friends
  3. The Simpsons
  4. The big bang theory
  5. Dragon ball Z, All of them

Mountain or Beach ?

I like both, Mountain because the fresh air and the forest.There are hills to practice downhill as well. Beach is because I have always liked the water either river or ocean, I surf and have been doing it for about 9 years by now.

Do you do sports (adventure, extreme, endurance) ?

I do like sports. The sports I like are combination of both.

Which type of music do you like?

I have always thought, someone who really like music appreciates all genders but in my case the most i like are 80’s and 90’s music, I like also latin rhythms like Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue. Reggae music I like to listen often.

What are your top 5 books of all the time ?

  1. Perfume
  2. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  3. Para Nunca Olvidar

What are your top 5 movies of all the time ?

  1. Harry Potter, All of them
  2. Fast & Furious, All of them

What is the most excited part of being QA Engineer ?

The most excited part is to learn about the processes involved and placed in the system. The logic on how was build and the ways it could be improved. Also I get to be involved with most of my coworkers which is good to create a good relationship among the people in the office.

What is the most challenging situation you had faced in your current position ?

So far i have not got any challenging situation in my current project i guess is due to the great tema im working with.

Which is the best part of being part of 4Geeks team ?

The people!

What are your goals for this year?

To help create carrer as Quality Assurance Engineer on a growing company. To get to know better all 4GEEKS team and feel part of this great team. To achieve lot of knowledge which I’ sure my coworkers would like to share with me in this whole process of developing and QA.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little interview to Alex.

Whenever you need help on how to start making ideas into reality though technology, 4Geeks team is up and ready, just reach out to us at

SmarterSelect: 4 Main Product Challenges Solved

Digital businesses need a good ideation, implementation, execution and growth, but at the development side the challenges are huge as well. As much as a product grows, so do the challenges and problems to solve.

In this opportunity I want to tell you the main product development challenge our engineering team faced, and I will show you how we fixed it. Maybe your business are facing some similar issues and this post can help you to find a solution.

SmarterSelect is a web platform to create and manage forms. As they say: “Online Applications. Made Easy”. Over 1 million active users (and counting) are creating and managing online applicationsgrantsscholarships on SmarterSelect every week in the United States.

SmarterSelect enable partners like Texas Tech UniversitySan Angelo Area Foundation and Vermeer to manage online applications.

4Geeks created a engineers dedicated team, getting together Ruby on Rails engineers and Quality Assurance experts, to solve past issues and improve the product constantly.

Let’s start! Here is the 4 main problems we found and how we fixed it.

Challenge #1: QA manual

Too many projects faces issues in production, customers don’t like that for sure. Our first recommendation is to add human power to avoid mistakes on development. QA people is amazing to think on hundred of combinations for test scenarios, that what SmarterSelect needed.

We added QA experts to the team, in the same building to improve communication on issues and help the developers to create ever more code quality.

Listen to this podcast episode when we talked with Meli, the QA Leader in SmarterSelect.

Challenge #2: Dockerize the app

I remember having some bad nights working with server infrastructure, libraries. With Docker we got rid of that, same container, same for all environment, we forget about the differences on development, staging or production.

Also, some advantage we see is when some new developer joins to the team. There will be no need to spend hours or days trying to install all gems, libraries and dependencies with just a docker command, voilà! environment ready. Our client is definitely happy for that.

Challenge #3: Implemented CI tools

The team introduced CircleCI to the projects, helping us on running the small (increasing)  set of automated tests before putting any code into main branches.

For every PR (Pull Request) we run CircleCI containers and confirm the code is not breaking any configuration or code.

Have you implemented (or thinking to do) CI tools on your project? Comment below your experience.

Challenge #4: Rails upgrade

This is a huge deal. Some day we decided that It was time to move from Rails 2 to Rails 4. It sounds crazy but we didn’t want to do a little migration to Rails 3 to later move to Rails 4. It was time to do the roughest change.

So for 4 months the team was focused on create features and migrate at the same time. It was a complete successful, and now we are thinking on move to Rails 5 for sure, but our client doesn’t know (probably he will find out here).

We improve some security issues by that migration and we also did some refactors on old legacy code.


Bonus: Download the full Case Study in order to get know how SmarterSelect grew up more than 110% in 2018.

If you need help with your business/product and your annual revenue is $3M+, please reach out to us; our consultants will be happy to assist you on find the right path and solution.

5 Learned Lessons From TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018

I really really love to learn and share knowledge with colleagues, entrepreneurs, makers, startups and companies into technology field. And Disrupt is the perfect event. That’s why I attended this event in San Francisco, California.

TechCrunch Disrupt is an annual tech conference hosted by TechCrunch in San Francisco, New York City, and Europe (London or Berlin), with one 2011 conference held in Beijing.

TechCrunch Disrupt hosts an event called Startup Battlefield at its conferences where startups sign up to pitch their business ideas on a stage in front of venture capital investors, media and other interested parties for prize money and publicity. Past participants include Dropbox, Uber, Beam, Coinbase, Trello, Mint, Yammer, and others.

So, in this post I will share with you what I learned, impressions from my point of view (and phone camera). Hope you can enjoy (and learn) as much I did.


Lesson #1: Other places are emerging as the next Silicon Valley.

This is not a new topic actually. There are some emerging cities not just in USA but around the world that are doing a great work putting together entrepreneurship, technology and investors.

Silicon Valley is not about money and technology, it’s about entrepreneurship mindset.

Inside USA we can find places like:

  • Austin, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • New York City, NY

Outside USA we have places like:

  • Guadalajara, Mexico
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Vietnam City.

BTW, Guadalajara and San Jose are cities where 4Geeks has offices.

Lesson #2: Innovation is at the heart of entrepreneurs.

Every hall during the event, I found absolutely brilliant people and with a lot of passion for what they do. The innovation is completely in your DNA, which allows you to find solutions to day-to-day problems.

Definitely entrepreneurs around the world are called to a simple thing: solve problems.

And if you think about it, the solutions that humanity enjoys today in the field of electricity, transport, communication, have been thanks to those entrepreneurial minds that never stay still until they find a solution. This makes us advance as humans on this planet.


Lesson #3: AI is a trending topic among startups

If you are not familiar with the term, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the set of many advances in the field of information technology, which allows us to use the brain of machines to make decisions. These machines learn with every interaction, similar to humans.

So if we take this concept to startups, we find solutions such as systems that predict natural disasters, chatbots for customer service, find less congested routes in the city, book a flight, etc. The ability of AI today is immeasurable.

2017 and 2018 were years of introduction to this type of technologies, where the big players like Google, Microsoft, Apple and HubSpot integrated AI to the majority of their products. Some startups also started to create smart products based on Machine Learning.

2019 will be a year where we will see even more cases of AI success in society.


Lesson #4: Investors look for people not ideas

The main investors of Silicon Valley and New York were in Disrupt SF 2018; they sought to meet the best entrepreneurs and products in the room.

For years we have believed that for an investor the product and the ROI is important. Yes it is, but the personality, passion and experience of the team behind the product is much more important.

Ideas are worth 0, people have no price.
Investors are looking for a team to trust, honest, to know how to execute ideas as quickly as possible.

Why? Because an idea may not be successful, but the resilience of the team will pivot it until it finds a correct path.

So, if you’re in the stage of discovering your partners, take your time.


Lesson #5: Networking opens doors and make business

By now you should recognize the importance of meeting new people and connecting with them. This is the main reason for the TechCrunch Disrupt SF event.

If you have the interest and disposition, in less than 10 hours you can find your future partner, client or supplier. How to achieve it? By asking.

If you ask the right questions to the right people, you can change your own future.

Did you attend this event? Liked it? Please use the comments section below to share what you think about this kind of events. What’s your favorite tech/business events?

Take care!

Meet Kris Alvarado

Welcome to another interview of the series Meet our Geek Team. In this opportunities we talk to Kris Alvarado, which is in charge of making sure all finances are making sense at company level.

She is from Golfito which is a in the Southeast cost of Costa Rica. She likes new challenges, that why besides doing all the numbers work she is always trying to learn different ways to help the company in different areas. She studied at some point pharmacy, so she is the first person we ask if we don’t feel well, Kris always knows about what we can take to feel better.

How will you describe yourself?

I consider myself a quiet and reserved person, kind, a little clueless, but brave and dedicated to take on challenges and be in the work area as the personal area.

What do you do in your free time?

 In my free time I like to read, watch a movie or series with my daughter also I like to go out for a walk.

Best series you have ever watched?

  1. Safe
  2. Merlí
  3. Two and a half Men
  4. CSI
  5. Law and order
  6. The Big bang teory

Mountain or Beach ?

I do prefer the mountain, because I really like the sound of the wind among the trees, the humidity, the smell of its colors and animals.

Do you do sports (adventure, extreme, endurance) ?

I am currently in the gym but I like to ride a bicycle a lot.

Which type of music do you like?

I have no favorite singers or genres, I like a little of everything.

What are your top 5 books of all the time ?

  1. One hundred years of solitude
  2. In memories of my sad whores
  3. Don Quijote

What are your top 5 movies of all the time ?

I really like science fiction and fantasy movies, so my favorites are Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, The Hobbit and all of Marvel productions.

What is the most excited part of being Finances manager ?

Besides doing just finances, which really is not an excited position. I really love to put myself on the process of selecting new collaborators and organizing small events so that the team stays together.

What is the most challenging situation you had faced in your current position ?

Learn a new idiom.

Which is the best part of being part of 4Geeks team ?

I have met excellent people in different roles, put into practice the knowledge I have acquired and that this has helped other people on the team

What are your goals for this year?

Train and acquire new knowledge in my area and in others.

Whenever you need help on how to start making ideas into reality though technology, 4Geeks team is up and ready, just reach out to us at

Meet Byron Hernandez

Hi 4GeeksNation! Some Mondays we have shared with you about our team. You already meet a big percentage of the team members. Today, I would like to present you Byron Hernandez. Hi has a very successful story to tell.

Byron is a Software Engineer here at 4Geeks, and has moved from San Carlos, his born city, to the capital, just to be with all the 4Geeks team. Byron loves cars, swim but what he really enjoys the most is to code and learn trend technologies.

Let me show you a little interview of Byron tastes.

How will you describe yourself?

I consider myself as a proactive, dynamic and creative person, eager to learn every day and give the best of myself in each activity.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to invest my free time in knowing new technologies, besides that I enjoy doing sports, mainly swimming.

Best series you have ever watched?

  1. Dr. House,
  2. Two and a Half Men
  3. Friends
  4. The Walking Dead

Mountain or Beach ?

I do prefer the mountain, I don’t feel very comfortable with the heat, I also like fresh air.

Do you do sports (adventure, extreme, endurance) ?

I practice swimming and I like to play futbol (soccer) once in a while.

Which type of music do you like?

Heavy Metal, Trash Metal, DeathCore, Symphonic Metal, Jazz.

What are your top 5 books of all the time ?

  1. Green Mile
  2. Cien años de Soledad
  3. Drácula
  4. Los Crímenes de la Calle Morgue

What are your top 5 movies of all the time ?

  1. Van Helsing
  2. The Imitation Game
  3. The Avengers 2
  4. Hulk
  5. Underworld 2

What is the most excited part of being Software Engineer ?

The best part of my role in the company is to learn every day, the freedom of being creative when solving problems and be updated with technology topics.

What is the most challenging situation you had faced in your current position ?

Learn and develop at a crucial moment for the project. Learn new technologies and keep track on things.

Which is the best part of being part of 4Geeks team ?

Definitely human quality, feeling like a family, the freedom to ask and express yourself as you are.

What are your goals for this year?

Specialize in the technology in which I work and obtain some certification that proves it.

Whenever you need help on how to start making ideas into reality though technology, 4Geeks team is up and ready, just reach out to us at

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