Most Popular Engineers Marketplaces Cost

When a company needs to find and hire candidates, basically has two options: Handling recruitment in-house or outsourcing it to a recruitment agency or post a job in a marketplace.

Recruitment agencies are companies who will help you find and shortlist top candidates for a certain fee in a recruiting marketplaces.

If you handle recruitment in-house, it would be best to hire a dedicated recruiter or even develop a recruiting team. If you can’t afford that, then one of your existing employees should take on the recruitment tasks.

Companies are looking for validated talent, usually hiring process are so long and participation between recruiter and candidates in recruiting agencies have access to different talent worldwide.

There are marketplaces to posting jobs completely free of with a little fee, Hired, Toptal or Upwork are a common marketplaces that have a great data of freelancers and software engineers worldwide. However this platforms have a rates more than $200 USD in average to hire talent and the fee by platform are in $30 monthly average. Platform as Guru or Charge around $24 USD Pro version posting around 6 positions per month.

How much does Toptal cost?

Software Developers:

  • Hourly: $60-$95+/hour
  • Part-time: $1,000-$1,600+/week
  • Full-time: $2,000-$3,200+/week
  • This price does not include platform fees.

How much doest Hired cost?

  • Employers using the Hired marketplace to recruit have the option to pay a one-time commission fee of 15% of their new hire’s annual salary, or they can pay a fixed monthly fee and hire as many candidates as they wish.
  • The rate of hiring temporary employees is 30%, and 15% for independent contractors.
  • For exact pricing you need to contact Hired directly.

How much does 4Geeks Teams?

4Geeks Teams have access to more than 1300 vetted software engineers in Latin America, you can post a job for FREE and hiring talent rates are cheaper than platform as Toptal or Turing.

Get talent is so easy just go to our website a post your job positions. When we receive a new job request, our Talent Expert team will look into our talent pool and will select the best candidates and within 72 hours you receive tested candidates to review and can fit in your organization immediately.

Top 5 Future Jobs that Companies Will Need

Usually we ask about is about a futurist film with rockets and robots in restaurants and banks. However now this posible with new jobs positions that companies are opened to change to a new era. Maybe you are asking this questions: What are the best careers for the future? How will everything change? Is it possible to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow—today?

Many of us would love to have definitive answers for these questions. But, of course, nobody can say for sure what the future holds. The best we can do is make educated guesses based on past and current trends. Still, even educated guesses can help us imagine some pretty astonishing possibilities.

So predicting the best jobs for the future requires understanding that all kinds of variables will interact in complex and surprising ways. Many of tomorrow’s jobs will likely result from today’s scientific and technological advances. But most jobs of the future probably don’t exist yet, and a lot of them haven’t even been imagined.

In fact, according to one estimate, almost two-thirds of today’s kindergarten students will eventually have occupations that don’t currently exist.

But what are the jobs positions that companies need and how will adapt to new needs to reduce time and money, usually people say that a robot maybe will be the supermarket cashier on the future, thi not all true, but now jobs positions will automatize with the pass of the years, this not depends about technology, humans always are looking ways to reduce efforts and try to solve common problems.

What are Top 5 Future Jobs?

#1 NanoTechnology

Imagine building a machine the size of a single molecule. What kind of applications would it have? Researchers in the field of nanotechnology are exploring that question as they look at applications for things like solving medical issues to building defense or in the Healhtech field. 

#2 Space Engineering

Although NASA doesn’t have a lot of need for astronauts right now, the need of emerging Space Engineers and tecnician in the space industry is likely to grow in coming years. As private companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic develop affordable ways to send people to space, astronauts and pilots able to operate these vehicles, as well as workers to maintain the equipment, will be in demand.

#3 Genetic Counselors

Genetic testing may be the crystal ball of medicine. By looking at our genes, scientists can tell us about medical conditions that we are susceptible to. Genetic counselors are the people who review tests results with patients and help them to find the necessary care or make decisions about future medical treatment. As these tests continue to evolve and the price comes down, more counselors will be needed.

#4 Software Architect

Usually in software development you do not need just an expert to create a cool app or an amazing website; in industries like fintech or e-commerce some leader companies are recruiting Software Architects to “think” on strategies and specific plans.

#5 IoT Engineer (Internet of Things)

The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT Engineers are using cloud data and storage to help out people and automatize common habits like turn the TV on or close the door, this kind of technology and platforms is now used in Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

How to Manage High Perfomance Virtual Teams

virtual or remote team (a small number of people with complementary skills, who are committed to a common purpose and performance goals) is comprised of team members who share responsibility for achieving defined objectives and who perform from a flexible mix of stationary, mobile and/or remote work environments.What is the difference between manage on site developers or virtual employees worlwide, today the re is not a real difference and companies are improving new ways top manage virtual teams.

Virtual teams versus traditional teams

There are several important differences between traditional teams and virtual or remote ones:

  • Meetings are not always face to face
  • Workplaces of team members may be in different locations and time zones
  • Culture – team members’ cultures can be vastly different
  • Relationships tend to be more difficult to build as team members have different styles and behaviours and there is little or no time for personal interaction
  • Communication may be hampered because it is not always possible to see body language, facial expressions or gestures and non-verbal cues.

Today with emerging technologies is usually companies have to adapt to new challenges and lifestyles, now people prefer stay at home and share with family, not waste time not is a life rule, with new technologies and new commercial trends.

What is the difference between Remote vs Virtual Teams?

A remote team works directly for their manager to deliver defined work, but members are not geographically co located. This means that time zone is similar and guarateed a live comunication and interaction between employees and managers. Remote team member usually have specific funtional role and experience, software development, designers and data science are part of remote teams worldwide. Companies are open to contract remote position because is difficult get experienced talent.

Virtual Teams are brought together to perform specific tasks or resolve specific issues, virtual employees usually work inside the organization but have option of Work- from- home or inclusive freelance or part time jobs, but this can of position are the support team in specific tasks. Virtual Assitance, Call centers or Support Engineer are example of virtual teams and activities that they do.

A real advantage of virtual and remote teams is management in time and workflow that traditional employees not have, define KPis is key tool to measure performance of this teams. Not means that can have control all the time, but can guaranteed analytical data about workflow and deadline.

Remote vs Onsite Software Developer

The increased acceptance of remote versus co-located teams and the availability of effective tools that enable it are among the most significant trends affecting technology industry employment today. Companies are adapting to new changes a freelance and outsourcing companies are providing talent solutions worldwide.

As with most things in business, productivity and cost are the dominant factors when choosing between remote and co-located workplaces. But there’s no one answer—what works for some firms doesn’t work for others. 

Big problem is communication and management between companies, but now technology tools allow a easy online communication, not matter the country that provide the outsourcing services.

Remote work is still an emerging field of study, and data on the effectiveness of distributed teams is largely anecdotal. But there’s a substantial amount of research on open offices and spaces, which is the usual alternative to working remotely. Studies on open offices have ranged from the health and productivity impact of noise, to how noise may impair arithmetic ability, to basic employee satisfaction.

On site development have advantage or disadvantages depending the companies stage, usually when companies are growing are trying to reduce operative cost that can difficult scalability issues specially startups or mid-size companies. Software Development on site can increase payroll and taxes 55% more than outsourcing this services to other regions as Latin America, Asia, Europe. However the highest rates and quality is the principal inconvenience to contract external services.

An advantage to software development in house depends about regions and cultural in each country, however language or culture can affect interaction between clients and providers as:

  • No language/cultural boundaries. It is a team of the professionals probably from the same country/city as you are, with the same cultural and language background working within the same organization. What advantages does hiring in-house team give to you? Fewer boundaries and limitations, face-to-face communications and, as a result, a better understanding of what should be done.
  • Deep involvement. It allows you to maximize the customization of in-house engineering process for every minor tech need of your company. You can make appropriate changes in the development process easily to adjust the project to your business.
  • In-project expertise. Internal specialists master their skills in building the project you started and soon become narrowly focused professionals of the highest level. This reduces bugs and, in addition, it means that the support will be straightforward and efficient, and your company has enough skills to maintain the product independently.

The New Era is Digital Hiring

We know that people are changing and people have new priorities and ways to make the life more easy, recently bigger companies as Google, Amazon and Sykes are implementing new hiring process using AI, social media and blockchain. This emerging technologies allow to companies reduce processes a half and increase productivity and ROI.

Amazon is the pioneer of digital hiring implementing hiring software and chatbots, this technologies can filter efficiently inclusive in the first interview validating skills and experience with Artificial Intelligence.

What if you could look into the future and know what to expect? So let’s summarize a few exciting developments in the recruiting arena. You can source what you need to optimize your process now and position yourself to enjoy other features the moment you get access to them.

What is Digital Hiring and Which are benefits?

Digital recruitment is the process of leveraging technology to the source, attract, assess, select and hire candidates for vacant positions. This includes leveraging job boards, career websites, mobile recruiting, online assessments, and social recruiting. While most companies these days use at least one of the aforementioned tactics, they are still a long way from being classified as a digital strategy.

Using social media more effectively

Today, no one needs to be convinced that social media is an important recruitment channel. From Linkedin to Facebook groups, even Twitter and Instagram, recruiters are active on social media, posting job ads. But which ones are the most effective? If you’re not tracking your ads, you have no way of knowing.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Just reducing time and hiring efforts,companies can use this resources to improve real problems in the organizations,Chatbots and AI are used in companies as PepsiCo and L’Oreal to improve process. Unlike a human recruiter, Chatbots can make thousands of calls a day, requires no sleep or breaks, and can do in one day what might take a human several weeks. Once completed, she sends recommendations on to the hiring manager for further review. If there’s a problem with the recommendations, hiring managers can alter the questions Chatbot asks to yield better results.

Applicant personality

It is essential for the HR professionals to know about the personality of a potential candidate in order to see how well the candidate can fit into organization culture and policy. Social networking sites such as Facebook, linkedIn, twitter help in obtaining insight details about the applicant professional and personal lifestyle. It is a huge benefit for the companies when candidate use digital CV for a job as it consists of details about the individual precisely. It saves money and time of both the candidate and HR as candidates also get a chance to see company work culture through social networking sites.


Digital hiring is a time saver which improves hiring efficiency drastically. Internet never sleeps hence, instant response to job offer is quite possible. Not just speed it actually offers great services to one who relies on online hiring.

If you’ll put great efforts and go deep in your digital recruitment tool box then one can easily carry out information about previous placements and get much better result by comparing.

Social media hub allow you to track the status of the application and make task bit easier for the HR department. Progress can be monitored and screened from one place with ease.

Toptal vs 4Geeks Teams

Recently we introduce you about 4Geeks Teams, our most important effort to connect LATAM-based talent (software engineers, designers, data scientists, product manager and more) to great companies.

The thing is that people are getting confused, or they are looking for some Toptal alternatives. I wrote this article specifically for them. Here you can find my brutally honest point of view on Toptal and 4Geeks Teams services, pricing, business models and more. Feel free to share this article with somebody else you think is needing more business options.

Toptal is one of the most popular marketplaces to hire remote freelance software developers. In the other hand, 4Geeks Teams is a complete platform to hire in-house top software developers in Latin America. Both of them are fixing a common huge issue: connecting talent to tech-based companies.

In this opportunity I will show you how Toptal and 4Geeks Teams are different, its values, experiences, pricing, business model and more, in order to provide you more information that you can use to make a good decision.

Global Freelancers vs Engineers in LATAM

Toptal’s freelancers are located in any place in the world (in any time-zone); and it’s not necessarily an advantage for you, if real-time team collaboration is key for your business.

I personally know many companies that has been moved its operations from Asia or Europe to Latin America. Why? Because of time-zones. By the way, there are some ways I suggest to deal with this, please read my answer to “My Team is Working in Different Time-Zones, I Can’t Progress Anymore” on You’re not alone. Trust me.

4Geeks Teams’ network consultants are located in LATAM, mainly in cities like San Jose, Costa Rica; Guadalajara, Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico; Bogota, Colombia. That means consultants will work in your same time-zone 🙂


Both Toptal and 4Geeks Teams can connect you with digital consultants, product managers, data engineers and software developers experienced in technologies like Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React.js, React Native, Salesforce, Java, PHP and some others.

New technologies emerge almost every quarter. Digital products could become easily obsolete in short-time. So I suggest your product development team, including product managers, should have a wide vision and move forward fast with easy.


I think the main reason to hire remote workers (software developers, product managers, designers, data scientists, etc) is limited budget. The second reason is limited talent. Toptal charges $120 USD per hour in average for a freelancer. 4Geeks Teams‘ cost per hour start in $40 USD.

If you have extra questions, feel free to connect with me by commenting below.

Who Need a Staffing Firm?

Have you ever wondered why people use staffing firms to find work? Maybe people do not have idea how they work —or have a little bit idea- What are benefits staffing companies? Take note, here are some signs you’re an ideal candidate or work with a staffing firm or your organization need outsourcing services.

For Companies

Quality candidates use staffing agencies

Quality candidates use staffing agencies. People with over three experience year tend to look for top staffing agencies to find job openings. This makes logical sense if you consider the reality of many job positions today. These listings are mostly for entry-level positions and offer of talent and freelance are increasing, so staffing agencies are more likely to be aware of the higher-level positions.

Staffing Agencies have Ready Resources

Staffing agencies usually have resources ready to work, HR demand today allow a competition between companies to get the best talent, bigger companies are interested in quality talent. Anyone who has ever taken a hands-on role in the hiring process knows how much time and energy it takes. There’s a lot of back-and-forth between the applicant and the recruiting, and this can take away from other valuable company activities.

Staffing companies understand your need

Companies always are busy looking for new business model or scale their business, for this reason staffing companies can help to solve this pain. Recruiting process is a real problem, but staffing agencies get talent is more easy and fast.

For Candidates

Open Jobs Positions

Staffing agencies always offer a great job offer for candidates and opportunities to grow up with emerging industries or companies, startups and mid-size companies are trusting in staffing agencies to hire qualified talent. Since staffing agencies and recruiters evaluate your business in depth, they can find the perfect candidate for niche positions.

Growth Opportunities

Staffing companies can offer a culture fit and growth opportunities for companies, if the clients increase jobs positions are open and possibilities to get talent is easier just with a good employer branding and reputation.

Skills Development

When candidates start to work in a traditional company usually have a trial period to adapt to new environment, staffing companies offer training and develop of new skills to fit with this new job position, this a important factor to take or work remotely or partial time, including possibility to travel with a remote job position.

Cloud Storage vs Privacy

People always storage information to make easy way to have access to data, with passing of years people are improving ways to storage the information in Cassettes, Cd’s and USB. Now is so common that people storage important data in cloud.

The major difference between cloud storage and traditional storage means is accessibility and privacy. While hard disks offer local access to information, cloud storage offers unlimited access to data, if the users can provide the necessary passkeys and if the computer has internet access.

What are Advantages of Cloud Storage?

Cloud computing is an on-demand computing model which relies on a stable Internet connection to share and access data across multiple devices such as computers or smartphones. Accessibility are part of the benefits of cloud storage, usually people can access in whatever places worldwide just access with an account and password.

If we took a step back to see the bigger scenery, cloud computing allows users to access all the information stored in a third-party data center. This is achieved using minimal resources and minimal supervision.

Which are Cloud Storage Risks?

Data providers offers different services depending clients and requirements, usually companies as banks or government intuitions secure data with a special cloud storage. But not all providers offer a secure services, depending data you can access to private, public, hybrid or mobile data storage.

Depending of cloud provider risks can increase, but depends about data importance can make the difference between you decide a specialized cloud storage or a simply a google drive.

Open Cloud

With open cloud, you won’t need to concern about maintenance or data security, since all the data is externalized and public. Public clouds are easier to access and maintain than private clouds depending of providers can share data as a open source.

Private Cloud

Private clouds are tailored to accommodate and handle data requests from small home-based companies or larger companies. Typically, this type of cloud service is the best solution for a company that wants to migrate all data by employing the services of a third-party cloud provider

Hybrid Cloud

One of the greatest advantages of using hybrid clouds is the greater number of customization options and possibilities . You can add, delete or edit the current applications running on your cloud and inclusive add new users and admins.

If you wish to share sensitive information, you can always opt for the private cloud feature with better security. Alternately, you can migrate some of your non-sensitive data on the public side of the cloud.

What Risks are you exposed with Cloud Storage?

Share Data

Though cloud data is not shared, the facilities it is housed in are. Though with the right security measures in place this shouldn’t be prove a problem, there is a chance that having a malicious file uploaded to the same server your data is on could affect you, too.

Server Location

Which brings us to another point: since privacy laws vary wildly all across the world, it pays to make sure the country you’re storing your data in meets all your requirements. If you can also find a location that gives you a good connection speed, that is a major bonus.


Dropbox is the biggest offender, with a long history of security breaches (which is why we recommend several Dropbox alternatives in cloud storage for the security-conscious). To make sure nobody steals your data, you need a provider that offers good encryption, doesn’t log data and keeps staff well away from consumer IDs. Check out our list of most secure cloud storage services for some companies that we recommend.

Is important define a cloud provider a support team to secure data and develop features or needs of companies, always think about what is the best choice based in quality and security.

How We Hire The Right Talent

Get the right people for every start-up, every company is vital. We need people to get on track easily, communicate well and deliver.

We think that people is the heart of every product, if the developers are all-in with the product idea, they automatically will deliver better, they will start communicating in a good way, all the process will go smoothly.

That’s why we take this process seriously, and we try to find the right talent for given position. We go under the words: “Right talent, right experience and right technology”. We don’t take from granted on the “Right talent and experience“, we improve and invest in hiring process whenever needed.

We have been evolving our hire process during those years, it’s impossible to say we were doing great since the beginning. It’s simply not true. We had some bad experiences getting talent, people that just didn’t fit in company culture, or project demands. But we learned, and now It’s my job to share some of our “must” tools when do the hiring process.

Create a self-explanatory job description.

Every good process starts from a good sediments, that’s why it’s important to make the job position clear, be good with the words on what your company or product needs.

It’s important to mention not only the technologies requested, or years of experience. That doesn’t work anymore. Be clear on the challenges that position will have, what the person have to do and what will be some tasks to deliver in the near future. Make clear the expectations and what you are requesting for the person.

Talk about the team that is currently developing the product. It’s always important to people start getting close to their future teammates.

It’s important to always put the cards on the table, notice to the candidate the benefits but also the budget the project has. You don’t want to spend a whole hiring process with people that at the end will reject the offer because the payment is not enough or they don’t like the benefits.

Request cover letter.

This is getting more and more popular these days. And we take it! Why? It’s simply, the resumés doesn’t work anymore. Yes, they give us some guidance, but they are not to personal, a cover letter will demand the candidate to start writing a letter directed to the company, presenting himself and why he/she is the best fit for the project.

In 4Geeks we have teams working remotely and in the office, we go with both approaches by the way, we have to make sure people can communicate in written mode perfectly, and from our point of view, a cover letter is the way to go.

Send a real life test.

Fixed test for a given technology doesn’t work. I don’t want to test people’s ability with a basic CRUD done in RAILS. I want the person to write some real code, create a module that solves a real situation problem.

I will explain a little bit with an example: We have a product called Mall4G (It’s an e-commerce platform in LATAM) and we need to expand the team. I was looking for REACT developers, instead of sending them a test just to test their REACT abilities, I was more interesting on see the problem solving, so, the test was basically create a checkout view, with all card information and make it in single page and doing some validations.

The result, I got different solutions, for a problem, we may face in the real project.

Interview the candidate, but with the right people.

Yes, you have to interview the candidate, get a 1on1, meet the real person, live or in video call. It doesn’t really matter. The importance here is to get the right person or team to interview.

It could be their future team mates, it could be you, it could be a hiring specialist, just make sure the interviewer is the right person, He/She knows all about the project, the requirements, but more important the soft skills needed for that position.

Invite the candidate to meet the team (if possible).

I like to to this when we have the time to fill out a position. We select the best three candidates, and invite them to work for the project a week or a day (payed obviously). That way, you can reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person, you can see the candidate in action, interacting with your team and with their team mates. It just works for everybody.

It’s doesn’t happen all the time, due, candidate impediments or project urgencies. But if you have the time, it worth the wait.

Hiring the right people is a long term process, but we put our effort on improving it and make the smartest decisions for all of our clients. There are thousand of ways to do this process, we go with that one, and it have worked for us and our partners. They love their teams I can assure that.

Top 5 Tech Trends by 2020

Tech jobs landscape of 2020 will likely look largely the same as it did in 2018-2019, with roles in software development, cyber security, and data science dominating across industries.

Emerging technologies will be key catalysts for the in-demand jobs we expect to see in 2020, usually companies are searching and adapting new technologies to improve common issues including artificial intelligence, automation, virtual reality, cryptocurrency and more, offering news jobs in engineering, product, data science, marketing and sales will continue to rise in order to support the innovation happening worldwide.

Traditional companies that not used technology in processes are looking for new ways to adapt operative, financial or commercial issues with technology. Sarah Stoddard, community expert at job search site Glassdoor said. “As employers across diverse industries, from health care to finance to automotive and more, continue to implement various technologies to streamline workflows and boost business, the demand for top-notch workers who have a balance of technical and soft skills will continue to rise.”

What are the fastest growing technologies for 2020?

#1 Cibersecurity

Security is a major concern for companies and consumers alike in our connected world, usually people are connected not just with friends and family, now in this global world data and privacy are more important that in the past.

Because of this emphasis companies are hiring new specialized talent, college are offering new careers in Cybersecurity, bid data and blockchain, increasing possibilities to get a good job or start own company. Internet of Things (IoT) security will become a particular area of focus for 2020, as connected devices become staples in daily life and cybercriminals look to exploit them, this scenery can havea positive balance with emerging technologies to against cybercriminals.

#2 Internet of Things (IOT)

One of the biggest tech trends to emerge in recent years is the Internet of Things. Simply put, the Internet of Things (abbreviated IOT) is the idea that all technological devices can be connected to the internet and to each other in an attempt to create the perfect marriage between the physical and digital worlds.

How will this impact you? It depends on your industry. For example, for those who work in marketing, advertising, media or business management, IOT could provide a wealth of information on how consumers engage with products by tracking their interactions with digital devices. In turn, this data could be used to optimize marketing campaigns and user experiences.

#3 Machine Learning

A great technology advantage is emerging technologies as Machine Learning, which is essentially a computer’s ability to learn on its own by analyzing data and tracking repeating patterns. Companies are using this technology to improve automatic process and reducing effort in manual activities. Now Machine learning is applied in different industries including retail, healthcare and finances.

#4 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a popular component of video games for several years and this trend is continuing to expand to other industries that need a costumer experience, people are buying a experience for get away from reality. In addition to video games, VR is likely to affect companies across the board as they adopt the technology to help them engage customers more effectively and optimize their sales and marketing efforts. It’s also a potentially useful tool for learning and is increasingly being adopted by educational organizations.

#5 Cognitive Technology

Emerging needs have to increase new challenges, people now are in a screen around 30 hours per week, traditional commerce are decreasing with the passing of year, now companies are looking for new alternative to explore digital world, e-commerce and social networks are improving ways to people buy in a easy way, not need go to a store or a restaurant to order food or something. Sensory technologies allow a digital interaction with costumer in a easy way.

With emerging technologies changing professional industries including banking, eCommerce, healthcare and education, staying up to date on the latest trends will give you a better understanding of your chosen industry and make you a more competitive candidate. Best of all, this knowledge might open up new doors within your field and others.

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