Éxito: Google Apps en Team Foods, Colombia.

Team Foods es una compañía basada en Bogotá, Colombia, la cual se especializa en la producción de aceites y grasas a partir de recursos vegetales.

Teams Good cuenta con alrededor de 1500 empleados y han escogido a Google Apps como plaforma de comunicación interna y externa, supliendo ésta de correo electrónico para cada empledo, caledarios, videoconferencias, documentos compartidos, etc.

En el siguiente video de 1:29 minutos, pueden ver y escuchar su historia, y cómo han aumentado su productividad sin gastar grandes cantidades de dinero.


Si estás interesado en implementar Google Apps en tu empresa, por favor, contáctenos.

Best YouTube Ads in March 2014

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#3 – Old Spice | Get Shaved in the Face

#4 – SUBARU “WRX STI vs StickBomb”

#5 – Samsung GALAXY S5 – Official Hands-on

+Post Ads Available To All

Starting today, +Post ads are available to all advertisers who complete a minimum requirements (Google+ 1000 followers and post should contain content that’s relevant to your audience). Read more here about requirements.

Google also are piloting two new features – promoted Hangouts on Air and automatic post promotion – to help you create compelling ad experiences and make it easier to extend the reach of your social content.

So, you can now promote your Hangout on Air with +Post ads that lets users take specific actions before, during, and after the broadcast. Users can RSVP prior to the Hangout, watch the broadcast live, and view a recording after the event.

At any given moment, there is someone interested in your brand, but it’s challenging to make sure you reach people at every moment that matters. Now you can automatically promote your most recent Google+ post, and pay only when people engage with your content, extending the reach of your social content across the web.

Need more info or you want to start discovering +Post Ads ? Please contact us.

What Kind Of Resources We Can Host In The Cloud?

Everything. Cloud is a set of computing services who help to maintain complete business processes, hosted in America, Europe or Asia, and accessible from Internet.

Netflix, for example, are running on Amazon AWS; hundreds of movies are playing on hundreds of servers around the world. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Gmail, Hotmail, Angry Brids mobile game and anothers big web services are hosted in the cloud, too.

You can host:

  • complete servers in VPS (virtual private servers) – email servers, web servers, proxy servers, PBX servers
  • databases (SQL or non-sql)
  • huge files
  • mobile backends and web apps
The great feature of cloud is that you pay ONLY for services used. It’s open doors for entrepreneurs and startups.
If you want to know how much money your business will have saved, please write us right now and we will help you as soon we can.

How Free E-Books Can Get New Leads

A free e-book is a simple book where brands can give recommendations, guides, science papers, best way to do anything, etc.

This is a very good marketing strategy for getting new leads. For this, is most important to know who is reading our e-books. So, you have to show a simple form to get name, email and phone, for example, of our visitors.

The e-books content should be direct, explict and to a specific target. Medicine, Web Development, Mobile Development, Businesses, Startups.

When someone decide to download your first e-book,  will have your brand on your mind always, and then maybe can to buy.

If you are very good doing something, or if have a diferent point of view from something, write an e-book and start to be diferent. And, if you need help to embed a form in your website, or designing a landing page for your e-book download page, please contact us.

Hardware In Your Office vs Hardware In The Cloud

Most companies operate with the help of technology. Important business files are safeguarded usually on servers with large capacities. Every day we are looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce operating costs as possible.

So today the cloud allows us to maintain the same operations, but the equipment staying virtually online.

Your company can decide between host servers in the office or host them in the cloud. This post will explain the difference:

  • Hardware in the office:  This mode requires a major investment of both money and time. You must cover the costs of purchasing the equipment, and the necessary monitoring and security tools. Your company should consider hiring an expert to be able to operate the equipment.
  • Hardware in the cloud: When your company decides to host the servers in the cloud, your company loses the concern of security, stability and availability, as the cloud ensures 99.99% uptime. Your company can host databases, complete billing systems, customer systems administration, file backups , full servers, and everything. You pay-as-go (small fee only for the hours that your business use the cloud resources).
Summary: If your company is starting, consider keeping your hardware in the cloud, it will allow you to grow as your business grows without incurring extra costs or extra concerns.
If you have a question or if you need help to migrate to the cloud, please contact us.

4 Pasos Para Conseguir El Mejor Equipo Para Tu Startup

Durante todo este tiempo que he estado participando directa e indirectamente en el desarrollo de ideas, he comprobado que el equipo es determinante para el éxito. Entre mejor acompañado estés, es mejor.

Es completamente normal que al principio se sienta un poco de miedo en perder la idea, sin embargo, es sólo eso. Por eso es que he iniciado este post, en el cual menciono los 5 principales pasos que cualquier emprendedor debe poner el práctica para conseguir el mejor equipo de trabajo para un startup:

  1. Relaciónate sólo con las mejores personas: En el barrio, en reuniones sociales, y en todo lugar, sólo relaciónate con las personas más influyentes y que crees que puedan inyectarte ideas o unirte a ti. “Si eres la personas más brillante de tu grupo, estás en el grupo equivocado”. Dile a tus amigos que andás en busca de personas con X cualidades, ellos te ayudarán.
  2. Asiste a charlas, desayunos y ruedas de negocio: Personas como tú, con altísimo potencial, piensa igual que ti, y esas personas las encuentras en charlas y ruedas de negocios relacionados a tus intereses. Invierte un poco de tu tiempo, asiste a las que puedas y dedícate a conocer a tu compañero/a que juntos irán por el éxito.
  3. Primera impresión cuenta: Cuando conozcan a alguien, siempre déjate llevar por tu primera impresión. Y no me refiero a la apariencia física, sino al poder intelectual. Si esa persona te inyecta pasión, coméntale tu idea y dile que quieres que te apoye en tu startup.
  4. Cámaras y asociaciones profesionales: Inscríbete en las cámaras o asociaciones de tu ciudad/países, y usalos como puente para conocer nuevos emprendedores y personas con los mismos intereses y la misma calidad.
Estudia a tus posibles compañeros de equipo, investiga lo que han hecho, cómo los ven los demás y qué cosas los hacen increíblemente valiosos. Recuerda que si quieres éxito, debes rodearte exclusivamente de personas exitosas.

Espero que tengas mucho éxito, y recuerda que puedes dejar comentarios en esta entrada, así nos cuentas cómo va tu startup.

Gracias por leer.

The Wild and Crazy Career Paths of 5 Self-Made Billionaires (Infographic)

Arduino Day Costa Rica 2014

Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s first 10 years. It’s 24 hours full of events – both official and independent, anywhere around the world – where people interested in Arduino can meet, share their experiences, and learn more.

Arduino invites all Arduino user groups, makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, associations, teachers, pros, and newbies to participate. Let’s make this the biggest birthday party yet!

Last weekend (29th March) was the turn in Costa Rica at Universidad Veritas. We were there and we take a pics for you.

Thanks Giu for take the pics.

How To Watch TV over SIP and WebRTC

Based on SIPWISE, now we can use open source software for watch TV over Internet, using SIP and WebRTC, like live streaming and video-on-demand.

Streaming media to a browser via WebRTC requires you to deliver an audio stream encoded with Opus (or G711, which is not really a viable option due to the quality), and a video stream encoded with VP8 (or probably H264 in the future), both encrypted via DTLS-SRTP. So on one hand you need a signalling server negotiating the audio and video codecs, and on the other hand you need a media engine, transcoding the streams to the requested codecs and encrypting it with the keys, which are negotiated in-band within the media stream.

Now the idea is to be able to simply call a subscriber (e.g. stream@example.org) via SIP and get the content streamed to your client.
Since we’ve quite some tools at hand at Sipwise, the choice is fairly simple, and the architecture of our WebRTC streaming platform is going to look like this:
Learn more on SIPWISE blog post.