Is Your Network Ready for VoIP?

Once you decide to upgrade from a legacy phone system, you will need to know if your network is ready for Voice over IP (VoIP). If you are working with a reseller partner or systems integrator, they will talk with you about whether your network can handle the VoIP calls. They might suggest that you VoIPhave a separate network, just for your VoIP traffic. They will probably ask questions about your bandwidth, how many simultaneous calls your business make, and then help you estimate how much bandwidth you need from your VoIP service provider.

If you have a general understanding of how to analyze your network, or know what types of questions you need to be prepared to answer, then you can better  decide which type of phone system is right for you.

1. How Many Users Do You Have?

The number of users you have is not only important to determine which Switchvox appliance you will need, but is also important for the type of network service you need to address your business requirements. (You will learn more about your current networking equipment in the next section.) Keep in mind, with more users on your network, you may need more bandwidth or network services.

2. What Are Your Growth Plans? 

During any network upgrade or with any new installation, it is best to plan for the future. If you know you won’t have more than 50 users in your network for the next few years, there is no good reason to upgrade to handle 200+ users. However, if your company is growing quickly, it may be worth the extra investment in intelligent networking equipment to ensure that the quality of your services do not suffer.

3. How Many Ports Do You Need Per User?

The number of switch ports your company has per user is an important metric, considering it dictates which phones you can purchase. If you use a standard SIP-based server, you can choose any SIP-compliant VoIP phone available. This allows for greater flexibility when choosing a phone to with your VoIP or Unified Communications solution.

  • Only 1 port: If your company only has one switchport or network LAN port per user, you will need to purchase phones that have an internal switch. There are many models on the market that support a range of features. Some have gigabit or 100 Mbps switches, and you’ll want to be sure to get the right phone to fit your network.
  • Two or more ports: If you can offer your users a separate switchport for their phone, it may make administration easier. Plugging a computer into a phone can sometimes be counter-intuitive. Having two ports per user will offer your phone a bit more reliability. Also, you can go with relatively inexpensive 100 Mbps phones, or single port phones, rather than forcing the move to gigabit phones for a gigabit network.

4. What Kind of Internet Connection Do You Have?

Your Internet connection will play a significant role in the type of Service Provider you require for your phone service. If you plan to use VoIP, you’ll want to have a high upload speed or pipe, which is not common on the basic, low-end Internet service. If you plan to use analog or PRI circuits, then this will not be an issue for you.

(Note: If you have Cable/DSL in a remote site, you will only be able to support a few users at that location.)

5. Do You Have Any Remote Users?

Having remote users can sometimes cause unforeseen issues with your internal network. For example, if you have a slower Internet connection, your remote users might cause audio quality issues on calls through the Internet. Increasing your available bandwidth, or decreasing the bandwidth required for each call can fix this. It is typically much easier to reduce the bandwidth of a call than to increase your available bandwidth. You will do this by replacing the default codec of your remote users and your SIP provider with a low bandwidth codec.

What’s the next step in getting your network VoIP ready?

Now, you have determined that your network is ready for Unified Communications. You’ve addressed the networking hardware, voice quality settings, and invested in phones and other technologies that will make the most of your available bandwidth. You need a UC solution that will work with any phone, all types of networking services as well as saves you money and provides all of the features for your business communications today and in the future.

Learn how a Switchvox IP phone system can help you easily transition from simple telephony to a feature-rich UC solution


Introducing SMS 4G

We are really happy to know that we have finished the first  SMS 4G development cycle, the text messaging tool in the cloud.

One of the advantages that are almost unbelievable, is the transmission speed and the ability to send mobile phone users worldwide, because the tool connects to over 800 mobile operators.

You can easily manage your address book and decide to send messages to a specific contact or group. The system can send 1 message per second.

Now available in English (hopefully soon include other languages).

SMS4G is special to communicate with suppliers and customers around the city, the country or the world. Even works perfect to explore new markets. It is the perfect complement to your advertising campaign.

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 Try it yourself!

The 5 Best Digium Switchvox Features for Your Small Business

The Digium Switchvox is one of the most feature packed and affordable VOIP PBX product on the market today.

Its list of features are too numerous for this blog post but we thought we’d list some of the most important Digium Switchvox features for small business.

Personal Call Rules

With Switchvox, each extension owner can decide how to take his or her calls. Based on the time of day, calls can ring several phones, try different phones, forward on to another phone, or just go straight to voicemail.

You can forward your calls immediately or after a few rings, and forward them differently based on a Time Frame. It’s your decision, and it’s easy to set up.

Several Phones, Just One You

The Converged Phones feature lets you set all your phones to work with your main Switchvox extension. It keeps things simple no matter where you are.

The InCall Menu lets you quickly transfer or record your call. You don’t need a smartphone or a fancy desk phone—the InCall Menu works from any keypad. Protect calls from being answered by unauthorized individuals (like kids, and very smart dogs!) when an employee’s call is ringing a home phone, mobile phone, or even a Switchvox extension in a common area.

Queue Experience

With Switchvox queues, you can create the best experience for your customers. You can upload music or record announcements, and you can let your callers know when they can expect to talk to someone.

If you have remote employees, Switchvox can route calls to them, including calls from a queue. Callers would never know if they were talking with an employee in your main office or a remote worker on the other side of the world.


Switchvox has incredibly advanced call logging and reporting capabilities for small business. That can make all the difference when you’re trying to understand if your business strategies are working or not. View graphs and reports of statistical data about the calls in your Switchvox.

Find out useful information such as when the highest volume of calls come in, or if callers are abandoning calls. Regularly scheduled reports can be emailed as HTML, XML, or a chart.

Meet Me Conference Center

With a Meet Me Conference Center, each of your phone extensions can have its own conference room. The extension-owner can even control the conference experience with announcement options, and who can talk in the conference.

More info?

Please go to IP-PBX 4Geeks site.


What is Unified Communications (UC)?

Companies of all sizes are increasingly being challenged to beat tight operational schedules and meet customer demands – all while walking that tightrope of diminishing IT budgets and limited staffing resources. As much as technology has advanced in the last few decades, there are still only 24 hours in a day. That’s where Unified Communications, comes into play.

When considering the definition of Unified Communications (UC), industry leaders typically describe it as communications being integrated in order to optimize business processes. This means that an organization is able to seamlessly integrate, or unify, its typical business processes with both real-time communications (such as instant messaging/chat, presence information, telephony/VoIP, call control, and video conferencing) and non real-time communications (such as unified messaging – integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax).

It is often assumed that UC is a single product. UC is actually made up of a set of products that provides a consistent, unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types. In its broadest sense UC can encompass all forms of communications that are exchanged via the TCP/IP network. Note: for the purpose of discussing UC as a way to replace a traditional business phone system, an analog or key system, the singular term “UC solution” is used.

It’s important to remember that any UC solution involves multiple elements within the solution.

In fact, organizations are often already using the various, independent elements of a UC solution, such as VoIP (Voice over IP) or specific features like find me/follow me. Each of these elements help contribute to the efficiency of an organization.

By combining a broader range of communications and features into a more complete UC solution and integrating it with other business processes, an organization is able to substantially increase its effectiveness – and cost savings.

These tangible benefits certainly contribute to the rise of UC solutions being adopted by organizations.

Learn how Switchvox can help you easily transition from simple telephony to a feature-rich UC solution.


How we will develop your new project

Hi geeks. We have created this post to make known what are the steps that we follow from the first to the last day of your new development software project.

Before starting, we ensure the best communication tools such as Skype, email or phone, and keep the first meeting under that way. Our team is excessively transparent.

We use SCRUM as agile development methodology. During the first meeting we collect all the information necessary to provide a fair proposal. We divide the process into different stages of 1-5 weeks, and we coordinate a meeting with our team and you each week, where you can see the progress of each stage with respect to the entire project.

At the end of the development time, we give you access to test the system for a short period, then we integrate the system to your real business.That’s all!

If you still want more information, please write us to, or phones: CR (+506) 4000-1104, USA +1 (305) 704-7306. Our Skype is alpocr.

Thanks for reading us.

Shhh….6 ways a new phone system can make your life easier, without the suits knowing!

Installing PyDev in Eclipse Juno

PyDev is a great Python environment for Eclipse IDE. It support Jython and Python, and some features to connect to Google Cloud directly. It support Django too, to make easier developer life.

We are based this simple tutorial in Eclipse Juno. So, the installation is very simple:
Go to Help -> Install new software.
Add the repository. Name = PyDev. Location =
Select PyDev from the list and install it.

installing pydev eclipse
Start a new PyDev project in Eclipse

You need internet for download the libraries. That’s all!

PBX in the cloud

cloud-serverIn recent years the world and advances in information technology has surprised us all by its fascinating benefits. Being one of the great benefits the power of the cloud.

Our team is helping companies maintain communications with customers and suppliers in the same way that it has always done, but much more efficient and cheaper.

With PBX in the cloud, we take care of security, infrastructure and hardware. We believe you should devote more time to his business and not worry about some things.

The power and features are the same. The infrastructure grows with your business.

Learn more here: So, we invite you to communicate with us and let’s talk about your new telephony project. We have the solution.


Powerful team. Innovation everywhere :)

Hello everyone, thanks for reading me. These first lines are to thank all those people who have been with us for the short time we air. We are putting our best.

Last week Sergio has joined the team, whom I have known matters of study. We have organized a whole strategy, where innovation is and will always be our flag.

We will be quick. I commented that this is a work in a system of text messaging on mobile phone worldwide. This really is interesting. We are doing final testing and people everywhere are already showing interest. Thank you.

We want to make things easier for companies to integrate more easily in the market, trade and economy.

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