Banking & FinTech Solutions

Stay competitive and compliant in global markets with custom solutions for private and public banks, financial institutions or your new FinTech disruptive product, by leveraging to technology experience from 4Geeks.

We built a premium online payment gateway to process Amex, MasterCard and Visa cards globally, and provide real-time transaction status by API.


Stay one step ahead of the competition with 4Geeks

Custom mobile wallets

Loyalty your current customers and gain new ones by provide them an easy and secure way to manage their wallets from their mobile phone, day and night.
Let your customers transfer money, pay bills, request money, manage cards, and connect them to your portfolio services.

Streamline daily operations

Investing in a solid AI strategy now can have a significant impact on your business's future. With 4Geeks' machine learning services, you can more effectively manage risk, streamline operations, create more personalized customer experiences, improve transaction monitoring, develop better quant models, generate alpha, and more.

Investing services

Encourage the investment of your customers through easy access channels as a mobile application, 100% secure, and transparent.
Show your customer the right investing opportunity at the right time through multiple channels.

Core banking integrations

Banking services must to be up and running always. Competition is very crude. Leverage on first-class technology stack like cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and more to ensure your systems is running 24/7... even Fridays.

Custom payments experience

Your clients want to have new payment experiences. This is a huge opportunity to engage them letting them to pay products or services with no headaches, easy, simple and 100% secure.

Contact center AI

Your clients have questions and they need timely assistance. Use AI-powered tools to answer your clients 24/7, freeing your reps to handle more complex issues.

Data-Driven Growth Marketing

You need to win more customers and 10X your revenue, we have the expertise, strategies and tools. Work close to our Growth Hackers to boost your business 50% - 200%.

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