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Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder and connecting.

More than a simple company

As a full-stack technology company we learn every single day. It's our responsibility to be out of the famous comfort zone. and we try to inspire some other people on thinking like a top entrepreneur.
We love share knowledge and valued content with the community. To win, our philosophy is give.
We put our heart on every project that we worked on. We never lose. Our mindset is always winner, and we want to win again together with you by making you bigger and stronger.

Our Skills









Our Mission

We started 4Geeks to help another companies around the globe to grow faster and boost the making better businesses... and with that, make life easier by impacting to millions.

Our History

Allan and Sergio met more than 10 years ago at the university. Each of them loves technology, marketing and business ... that's why they created 4Geeks.
Our real history it's still building...

Our People

We don't have words to explain you how good is familiar is our team. Every single geek really loves what they do here at the company (including the beer friday). See them by your own eyes in the below photos.

Our Main Services

Services done right will have a positive impact on your business. Help us understand you and your business needs so that we can serve you better.

Cloud & Mobile Development

Use our web skills to build your next big project in the cloud or smartphones. AI-based projects like chatbots, focused on your growth. What your imagine, it's completely possible.

Staff Augmentation

Hire a dedicated team (or individuals) for your company, in a near location, to join your principal team. In the same timezone, with similar culture.


Future is now. Don't go late. Our team can build awesome VR/AR platforms for your company in order to engage more and more people.

eCommerce / Online Store

Make your customer a easier way to buy your products or services, by open an e-commerce website, ready to grow in autopilot.

Conversational UI

Use our technology expertise to make stronger user experience and make a better user engagement. We build 'wow' voice experiences that includes Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Managed Cloud

Focus on drive your business on the right direction. We manage all your tech infrastructure in the cloud, every day, to ensure you an exceptional business cycle life completely scalable.


We have been very happy with 4Geeks as our dedicated development team. They work extremely well with our Product Manager on meeting our requirements. And, they use very professional standards for coding and development documentation.
Robert Davis - CEO SmarterSelect

4Geeks has been a trusted partner since 2015. We’re happy to have them in the community and we look forward to working with them for years to come
David Ledgerwood - VP Client Growth at

We have been closely working with 4Geeks for months, developing in different languages (PHP and Native Apps) for our ongoing operations in Central America. Support/Quality and delivery time are always met. We look forward to continue doing business with them in this and new projects to come.
Enrique Valencia - CEO Appetito24

4Geeks is creative, experienced, genuinely care about the customer. As partners we work closesy to develop strategy, architecture, specifications, wireframes and ultimately a solution that meets our clients brand goals that connects with a great user experience.
Tony Rinaldis - CEO The Imaginarium Agency

The Team

Sergio Monge

Sergio Monge
Allan Porras

Allan Porras
Kristhel Alvarado

Kristhel Alvarado

Let's make huge things!

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