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4Geeks is creative, experienced, genuinely care about the customer. As partners we work closesy to develop strategy, architecture, specifications, wireframes and ultimately a solution that meets our clients brand goals that connects with a great user experience.

We have been closely working with 4Geeks for months, developing in different languages for our ongoing operations in Central America. Support/Quality and delivery time are always met. We look forward to continue doing business with them in this and new projects to come.

4Geeks has been a trusted partner since 2015. We’re happy to have them in the Gun.io community and we look forward to working with them for years to come.


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$250/ month

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Unlimited searches and filters

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Frequently Asked Questions

4Geeks specializes in design, build and grow digital products for a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, financial services, B2B SaaS, and manufacturing.

4Geeks offers three engagement models: Time & Materials (T&M), Dedicated Team, and Project-Based Work.

Time & Materials: In the T&M engagement model, 4Geeks charges you for the time and materials used to complete your project. This model is ideal for projects that are not well-defined or that may change during the course of development. With T&M, you have the flexibility to add or remove features as needed, and you only pay for the work that is actually completed.

Dedicated Team: 4Geeks assigns a team of developers to work exclusively on your project. This model is ideal for projects that require a high level of expertise or that need to be completed quickly. With a dedicated team, you have the peace of mind knowing that your project is in good hands and that you will have direct access to the developers working on it.

Project-Based Work: 4Geeks quotes you a fixed price for the entire project. This model is ideal for projects that are well-defined and that have a clear scope of work. With Project-Based Work, you can budget for your project upfront and know exactly how much you will pay.

The best engagement model for you will depend on the specific needs of your project. If you are not sure which model is right for you, 4Geeks can help you assess your needs and make a recommendation.

4Geeks uses an Agile approach to project management. This means that we break the project down into smaller tasks that we can complete quickly. We also get feedback from you throughout the process to make sure that we are meeting your needs.

This approach allows us to be flexible and adaptable, and it ensures that you are always involved in the development process. We believe that this is the best way to deliver high-quality products that meet your needs on time and within budget.

We use a variety of communication channels to stay in touch with our clients, including email, Google Chat, phone calls, video calls, and project management software. We will use the communication channel that works best for you, so please let us know your preference.

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