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Hire part-time (or dedicated) software engineers in Latin America and start building better products in 72 hours.

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Key benefits to partner with 4Geeks

Right Timezone

Our main delivery center is located in San Jose, Costa Rica (CST // GMT -6).
3-4 hours flying from principal US cities.

English Proficiency

We have access to the best talent in Costa Rica and Latin America, who go through a strict pre-screening and selection process.

Cost saving -- 55%

When you partner with 4Geeks to start your own delivery center you could get huge cost saving from the first month.

Fast & Complete service

Initiate a team in 72 hours (or less) and start to execute right away. All-inclusive service.

Product Audit

Our experts will study your current product stage, in order to provide a right extended team to grow your ROI.

Hiring Process

We hire the right engineers for you by filtering top talent with our excellent screening process in 72 hours.

Payroll & Taxes

We pay your team members monthly and we cover all local government taxes for you.

Workstation & Office

We setup a complete professional workstation ready to join your team. Computer includes webcam.

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Where will my team be physically located?

Your team can be located in any of our delivery centers in Costa Rica, Mexico or at any trusted partner in Latin America.

Can I be part of hiring process?

All the hiring process is 100% transparent. We are doing a great job filtering the right talent for projects needs, but you can always take the final decision.

Is my team strong in English skills?

Yes! By default any team from 4Geeks is fluent in English.

How does the contract and service payment work?

Simple. You will receive only one monthly invoice that includes everything (office, workstation, computer with a webcam, social expenses, etc ). You don’t need to take care of any extra cost, process or legal documentation.

Once you apply the 7-days trial period you will receive a complete business audit. After that, if you agree, the contract extends to 6 months.

There is no a minimum team member to hire, so you can start with 1, 2 or 3 guys.

How long does putting a team together takes?

72 hours 🙂

Can I hire a part-time team?

For sure!

What our customers say

SmarterSelect is a platform to manage online applications, with over 1M active users. Learn why they partnered with 4Geeks.

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Engineers & Consultants Availability

Initiate your own extended team on-demand in Latin America with Web Development, Mobile Development, QA or Big Data skills.

Get software developers experts in Python, Go, Java, Ruby on Rails, Microsoft .NET, Angular, PHP, NodeJS, React ,  React Native , Flutter (Android, iOS) or Data Analytics.

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“Let us find your extended consultant team in 72 hours. I promise.” Allan Porras, 4Geeks CEO.

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