4Geeks vs Asia-based Companies

This is the best resource to understand the real difference
between 4Geeks and Asia-based companies (other locations, too)

Guys, we hate to compare talent, but many people get confused, and they believe that pricing is an advantage.
Here we would like to bring to you data and facts to make you take a better decision.

— 4Geeks CEO Allan P.

We have excellent english skills.

Communication is vital to build a successful product.

Nowadays we know the communication is key part to design and develop digital products. It’s not a copied skill but learned. Backed by tons of delivered and live products.
You already know: Latin America engineers pronunciation is better, so it can help to keep virtual meeting with no language interferences.
While other software companies are “hiding” their real engineers, we keep a transparent communication and open channel. It means you will be part of 4Geeks.

We can meet up in person or virtual easily.

Our delivery offices are in Latin America, in your same timezone.

One of the most important aspects you may need to consider in order to contract a digital firm is the flexibility they present to meetings.
4Geeks has delivery office in Mexico and Costa Rica.  So, our engineers are located in your same timezone; it improve the agile project management. No more nightmares working with 4Geeks. Want to come? It just take 3-4 flight hours.
All 4Geeks engineers have a workstation with a webcam and connected to high speed Internet.

We provide advice, not just code.

Our passion (and business) is to convert ideas into products. We are obsessed with metrics.

Every single software engineer or designer in 4Geeks is driven by passion. And this is 100% ascertainable.
Partnering up with 4Geeks your product will be the most benefited in the equation. Our experience on past small and big projects help us to advice you.
You will get noticed how important is to receive feedback in order to improve, not just in technical side but business part and data analysis.

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