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Hire 100% verified, in-house Angular Developers in Latin America On-Demand. Meet candidates in 72 hours.

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Angular, built and supported by Google, is a popular web framework to build modern, beautiful, secure and user-centered web applications.

Our team is strong skilled working with Angular and they could build your product in record time.


Where will the consultant physically located?

Your software engineer could be located in any of our delivery centers in Costa Rica, Mexico or at any trusted partner in Latin America.

Can I hire a part-time developer?

For sure! You can hire a part-time or full-time developer to join your current team.

Can I be part of hiring process?

All the hiring process is 100% transparent. We are doing a great job filtering the right talent for projects needs, but you can always take the final decision.

Fluent in English?

Yes! By default any software developers or consultant from 4Geeks is fluent in English.

How does the contract and service payment work?

Simple. You will receive a weekly or monthly invoice that includes your approved hours worked. You don’t need to take care of any extra costs.

How long does putting a team together takes?

You will receive candidates within 72 hours after signing NDA.

Engagement models

New Angular Product

We put together and manage an engineering team to design and build your new product, according to your requirements.

Existing Angular Products

Your current product needs continues support and new features? We can manage and address an engineering team to back your product.

Angular Team Augmentation

We can find the right talent to meet your engineering teams. This model is focused on long-term relationship.

Meet candidates in 72 hours

Scale your product development team.
Let us find the best software developers for you.

“Book a free meeting with me, then I will answer you all your questions about Angular in your product”.  Allan Porras, 4Geeks CEO

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