Casos de Estudio

Algunos de los productos que hemos creado.

Sky Park: Condominium Management App

Sky Park is a residential development located in San Jose, Costa Rica, with 5 towers of apartments of 7 levels, each one with amenities and […]

iMagic: Aplicación Móvil para Administrar Playgrounds Infantiles Premium

iMagic: Aplicación Móvil para Administrar Playgrounds Infantiles Premium iMagic is a premium playground for kids, located in the best shopping malls in San Jose, [...]

4Geeks Payments: Online Payment Gateway API

4Geeks Payments (4GP) is the first online payment gateway focused to software developers. It allow mobile and web projects to process payment cards like […]

Mall4G: Online Stores On-Demand

Mall4G is a cloud-based software to create online store easily, in less than 3 minutes. It make possible, to business owners and entrepreneurs, to […]

4Geeks University: eLearning Cloud-Based Software

HealthQuo: A platform to connect patients and doctors online

Paint Doctor: A Paint House Estimating System

4Geeks supports Despacho Carvajal to store tons of papers in the cloud

Despacho Carvajal is one of the best accounting firm in Costa Rica. They help another companies to dealing with finances, numbers and legal topics. […]

SmarterSelect generates and manages smart online applications backed by 4Geeks

Appetito24: Aplicación de Entrega de Comida en Panamá

Appetito24 es una aplicación móvil que ofrece el servicio de entrega de comida en Panamá y recientemente en Costa Rica también. Esta aplicación conecta [...]