Nearshore Software Development in Costa Rica

Welcome to the "Pura Vida" land. 4Geeks provides Team as a Service, Digital Product Engineering and Data-Driven Growth solutions from nearshore location Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica is #1 for innovation in Latin America, according to The World Economic Forum

Robust utilities infrastructure

100% of energy is renewable. Redundant telecommunications access.

High Quality of Life

Quality of life in Costa Rica is high. Safest country in Latin America.

Talented and bilingual workforce

Exceptionally talented and bilingual young workforce. Almost 100% of the employees in multinational companies are local.

Tech environment growing

350+ high-tech multinational companies are operating

Economic and political stability

Excellent business climate based on a renowned democratic tradition, economic and political stability. An attractive tax incentives package.

Nearshore location

In the middle of the Americas, cultural affinity, ease of logistics and communications: training, visits & governance. Less travel time from Costa Rica to major US cities.