IT Staff Augmentation

Costa Rica is the #1 Nearshore Outsourcing Destination

Grow your team with us

Augment your team by using our ready to go resources and improve your team and product.

Our resources are well prepare to start working on you product and be part of your team, all of them had passed some strict tests where our first filter is the english and communication skills, so, We assure our resources can communicate with your team.

Our augmentation team are located in Costa Rica and Mexico providing to clients:

  • Excellent communication
  • Same time zone
  • No long flights
  • Improvement in communication
  • Decrease misunderstandings.

We have resources in all development process areas, and with the expertise in different technologies, such as:

  • NodeJS, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, C#
  • JS, Angular, Ember.js, React.js
  • Android, iOS, React Native
  • Linux, AWS, Google Cloud
  • Selenium
  • SQL Reporting Services, Power BI.

FrontEnd augmentation

We provide experienced resources with all javascript technologies and people with the enough knowledge and imagination to make you product with all the best practices and standards on all frontend development.

Backend augmentation

We have resources ready to approach all the big logic that you product needs, We have expertise with the most known languages, like: NodeJSRuby, Python and PHP, also We are growing teams in new technologies such as: Elixir.

Mobile augmentation

We enjoy creating cool apps for our customers, apps that can help to our clients needs. We work with Android (Java) and iOS (Swift and Objective-C), additionally we are building new apps by using React Native.

DevOps augmentation

Our partnership with AWS had given us expertise by creating, maintaining and improving all you server and DevOps structure.

Software Testing & QA augmentation

Hire strong skilled, trusted and professional Manual and Automation testers, to join your team.

Business Intelligence augmentation

If you are needing to grow your BI team, by hiring guys (or a complete team) in Costa Rica or Mexico, just drop us a line. We have talented guys ready to join your team.

To understand better what exactly you need, please call us or drop us a line at this moment, and some team member will provide all the information you need to take the right decision.

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