Appetito24: Food Delivery App

Appetito24 is a mobile app to deliver food in Panama and recently in Costa Rica. They connect the best and appetizing restaurants in the city to people who wants to order pizza, hamburgers or food in general. Appetito24 serve more than 11 millions people.

You can download the app directly from PlayStore or Appstore.


The Appetito24 managing team was looking for a strong team to improve the product and expand to other areas in the region.

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4Geeks software engineers developed and supported some new features for the app (both platform) are developing new features, fixing current bugs and extending it to new regions.

4Geeks also managed the AWS infrastructure for this product.



Backend: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Server: Amazon Web Services

Mobile: Native Android, Native iOS

About 4Geeks:

4Geeks is a global product development and growth marketing company, and all-in-between, focused on 10X ROI for startups, small and mid-size companies around the world. 4Geeks serves industries like E-Commerce & Retail, Startups, HealthTech, Marketing, Banking & FinTech and Real Estate. Headquartered in United States, and nearshore development centers in Mexico and Costa Rica. Pura Vida!


Dedicated Team, Product Development

Date published

August 14, 2017
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