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React Native is a top framework to build mobile apps for iOS and Android with the same code (instance of two). With React Native you can expect a 50% saving on development cost and time, and still get a good performance and quality of your mobile application.

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Diego Rodriguez, Software Engineer
Byron Hern√°ndez, Software Engineer
Ivan Arroyo, Software Engineer

Engagement models

New React Native Product

We put together and manage an engineering team to design and build your new product, according to your requirements.

Existing React Native Products

Your current product needs continues support and new features? We can manage and address an engineering team to back your product.

React Native Team Augmentation

We can find the right talent to meet your engineering teams. This model is focused on long-term relationship.

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“Ready to grab an extra $1M? Contact me to show you how to achieve it with your  product and React Native” . Allan Porras, 4Geeks CEO.

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