How SmarterSelect uses 4Geeks
to power up its product constantly.

Case Study

SmarterSelect helps companies to manage grants, scholarships, awards,
and other application-based processes.

They enable partners like Texas Tech University, San Angelo Area Foundation
and Wermeer to manage online applications. Read customers reviews.


Dallas, TX.


Business Services


Online Applications




When SmarterSelect knocked at the 4Geeks’ door, their product for online form management was growing very fast and getting more and more customers in different industries. The competition was aggressive and SS (SmarterSelect) didn’t want to lose ground.

The software needed a strong skilled technical team and professional continual consulting to scale the product and reduce costs.

There were some specific areas to cover like server infrastructure, code delivery, quality assurance, and marketing guidance. The challenge was clear: improve quality, deliver, and boost business.

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4Geeks created a engineers dedicated team, getting together Ruby on Rails engineers and Quality Assurance experts, to solve past issues and improve the product constantly. Reduce production bugs was something urgent.

Create a stable devops culture to support frequent releases and keep track of all features. This year (2018) the team had delivered more than 9 big features, helping the product to be easier and with more capabilities for SS clientes, among them we can mention:

  • Program analytics integration
  • New Multiple Choice question types
  • Essay question word count minimum

Today, the product supports all types of organizations including foundations, associations, education and corporations, with more than 1 million of users in America and Europe. Over 1,500,000 apps and counting.

In 2018 SmasterSelect had a growth of 110% (and counting) compared with previous year.