FAQ about 4GeeksTeams

Common asked question on 4Geeks Teams

What types of talent does 4Geeks Teams provide?

You can find software developers (front-end developers, backend developers and QA and product testers) and digital consultants experts in Salesforce, Oracle, PythonRuby on RailsReact.jsReact NativeJavascriptJavaPHPGo and more.

Where will my team be physically located?

Your team will be located in any of our offices in Mexico, Costa Rica or Colombia, or at any trusted partner in Latin America.

My hired developer speak English?

Yes! By default any developer from 4Geeks is fluent in English.

How long does putting a team together takes?

It depends on multiple factors. But you will receive first candidates within 3 days after signing NDA. Please have in mind that probably your desired developer should termination notify to their old company.

Can I hire part-time engineers?

Not at this time. We only work with full-time requirements. However, you could look at the product engineering service from 4Geeks.

Can I hire individual engineers or complete teams only?

There is no a minimum team member to hire, so you can start with 1, 2 or 3 guys. You can hire exactly what you need. Our talent experts can find one individual developer or a complete development team for you.

Can I be part of hiring process?

Sure! All the hiring process is 100% transparent. We are doing a great job filtering the right talent for projects needs, but you can always take the final decision.

How does the contract and service payment work?

Simple. You will receive a weekly or monthly invoice that includes everything. You don’t need to take care of any extra cost, process or legal documentation.

What are the payments options?

You can pay developers by credit/debit card, ACH or bank wire.

How does cost to hire a full-time software developers in Latin America?

It depends on multiple factors, like seniority, location, technical level, etc… but we standardize pricing. Hiring software developers through 4Geeks Teams you only will pay a regular person salary, that starts at $2500 USD per month.

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